Astrazeneca—AstraZeneca External Funding

Types of Funding Astrazeneca Supports

  • Educational Sponsorships/ Grants
    • Educational Sponsorships or Grants that are independent or accredited which focus on education activities and initiatives, such as HCP/scientist and patient education, general support of medical or Scientific
  • Sponsorships/ Collaborations

    • ​Sponsorships or Collaborations to advance science and health through genuine medical, science, where AstraZeneca has involvement or receives benefit/recognition

  • Fellowships

    • Programmes conducted at host institutions and designed to provide training (i.e., training necessary to obtain a degree or license) or advanced education to HCPs or scientists in a particular specialty, Therapeutic area or field of research.

  • Corporate Memberships

    • AZ opt to become a corporate member of a non political medical association or society. AZ will pay a fee to the organization and get access to some of the organizations materials and/or invited to symposiums etc.

  • Community Investment/ Charitable Contributions

    • Community Investment funding includes financial and non-financial (in-kind) support given to registered charity and non-profit organisations for health and health initiatives, science education, fundraisers and disaster relief. It includes donations of medicines in response to public health needs related to national and international disasters and humanitarian crises or as part of free goods Patient Assistance Programmes.

Dollar Amount: Varies 

Deadline: Ongoing 

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