Chan Zuckerberg Initiative—Single-Cell Analysis of Inflammation

November 19, 2019

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invites applications for two-year collaborative pilot projects focused on the role of inflammation in maintaining health and triggering disease. CZI will accept applications from teams of two to three researchers with distinct expertise.

CZI seeks applications aimed toward identifying unifying principles that underlie tissue homeostasis and inflammation at the single cell level. Our goal is to stimulate collaborations across disciplines that will help define a new field. Successful applications will bring together researchers in different experimental, computational, or medical domains. They will address local cell properties and interactions in inflamed tissues and compare them to the properties and interactions of similar cells in healthy tissues. They will increase our understanding of the cell types that mediate inflammation, and their interactions in space and time. The two-year pilot grant period is intended to develop proof-of-concept for the experimental team and the approach, setting up future programs for detailed mechanistic investigations. 

Dollar Amount: Max at $525,000 over 2 years ($175,000 per PI on teams of 1-3) 

Deadline: November 19 

Eligibility: Applicants must: 

  • hold a PhD, MD, or equivalent degree. 
  • have an academic appointment and be in an independent faculty position or equivalent at an accredited college, university, medical school, or other research facility.  

Project Restraints: 

  • Collaborations should include two or three principal investigators (PIs).  
  • Collaborations should be interdisciplinary. 
  • Each PI may only participate in one application. 
  • Principal Investigators on one application may work at the same or at different institutions.  
  • Each application should designate one PI as the Coordinating Principal Investigator (Coordinating PI). The Coordinating PI will act as the administrative contact between CZI and all PIs on the grant. The Coordinating PI must submit the application on behalf of all PIs.  
  • The Coordinating PI must be affiliated with the institution submitting the application, and grant funds will be awarded to that institution, which will take responsibility for distributing funds to any other institutions. Note that foreign institutions may not subcontract to US institutions, so please be mindful when selecting the Coordinating PI/institution. 

Full RFP: 

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