CISCO Research Center—Economic Impact of Cyber-risk

*GW Priority Corporation

Cisco anticipates that over the next decade, privacy concerns and cyber-risks to data will continue to rise and will drive our industry to take steps to significantly improve the ways we manage confidential, proprietary information (i.e. customer or financial data), intellectual property and PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

This call for research requests innovative and forward-looking approaches to solving several important goals; each of which requires a balancing of interests:

  1. Provide a reusable, theoretical model of the complete economic impact of data compromise;
  2. Provide a theoretical model of the economic value at stake, or liability, faced by an organization due to cyber-risks; and
  3. Exploits to be considered should include:
    • Stolen, Constrained, or Destroyed Data Assets
    • Manipulated Sensitive Information
    • Interference with Operations
    • Attack of Cisco Customers or Partners
  4. The consequences evaluated should include:
    • Customer Compromise
    • Market Manipulation
    • Constrained Operations
    • Tarnished Brand

Tags:    Business and Economics, Economic Modeling, Computer Science

Deadline: Rolling

Dollar Amount: Varies

Eligibility: All

*GW Priority Corporation: This corporation is a GW priority corporation. Please see additional information about applying to priority corporations on this page of the CFR website.

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