CISCO Research Center —Distributed Storage Systems: Coding, Caching, Data Management, and Hyperscale Data Centers

*GW Priority Corporation

In this research, we are soliciting proposals to investigate the use of erasure and network coding techniques to make efficient use of data center resources in large scale distributed storage systems. The proposals should look into exploiting resources available in all tiers of the data center hierarchy, namely compute, memory, network and storage to maximize access to storage resources both under normal operation and during data recovery following failures.

The proposals may leverage existing coding techniques and/or recommend new techniques to encode data in these systems. Proposals may also consider hybrid approaches that use replication and caching techniques alongside coding to improve locality of data access while minimizing network bandwidth consumption.

Tags:    Big Data, Networks and Storage, Computer Science

Deadline: Rolling

Dollar Amount: Varies

Eligibility: All

GW Priority Corporation: This corporation is a GW priority corporation. This corporation is a GW priority corporation. Please see additional information about applying to priority corporations on this page of the CFR website.

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