CISCO Research Center - Legal Implications for IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Systems

*GW Priority Corporation

This request for proposals invites researchers to investigate legal and policy issues in the quickly developing world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, machine-to-machine interactions, and the rapidly expanding world of data creation, transfer, collection and analysis from Internet of Things.

Of particular interest are areas of investigation, such as:

  • How does machine action affect principles and application of reasonable care?
  • Who is responsible, and when, for a machine to machine interaction gone bad? Or gone right?
  • Is human intervention in machine activity ever a requirement?
  • How does the law apply when no human is involved in the commission of a cybercrime?
  • How and where does the explosion in quantity and quality of data change the application of law or policy?
  • If IoT data creation, transfer, storage and analysis takes place in the cloud, who really controls the data, is responsible when something goes wrong, and can control response and recovery – as a practical, and as a legal matter, globally?
  • What is the reasonable expectation of privacy in the age of IoT, AI and machine-to-machine systems?
  • Where does intellectual property start and end in the context of fair use data and analytics?

Tags:    Computer Science, Law, Intellectual Property, Artificial Intelligence

Deadline: Rolling

Dollar Amount: Varies

Eligibility: All

*GW Priority Corporation: This corporation is a GW priority corporation. Please see additional information about applying to priority corporations on this page of the CFR website.

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