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*GW Priority Corporation

Cryptography is essential for information security, but existing cryptosystems do not always provide us with the protections that we need, and those cryptosystems will need to be adapted to meet emerging challenges. Research is need to drive improvements in several areas: robustness, postquantum security, suitability for the Internet of Things, and transparency to the user regarding the correctness and faithfulness of those systems.

This call for research requests innovative and forward looking approaches to meeting the needs of robustness, transparency, postquantum security, and IoT. We are especially interested in research that addresses more than one of these areas, or that considers the broader system and context in which implementations of cryptography are used.

Tags:    Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Networks

Deadline: Rolling

Dollar Amount: Varies

Eligibility: All

*GW Priority Corporation: This corporation is a GW priority corporation. Please see additional information about applying to priority corporations on this page of the CFR website.

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