Stewarding Foundation Grants

Post-Award Management

The role of the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations in the post-award phase is to help with donor stewardship and relationship management to ensure a continued, thriving partnership between GW and your funder.

The foundation relations team can partner with you to:

  • Send a personalized thank you letter from the president’s office to the leadership of the foundation for awards of a certain size
  • Organize meetings between a foundation and university leadership
  • Help to arrange check-in calls between foundation staff and project staff
  • Advise you on strategic (non-compulsory) project reporting and check-ins
  • Coordinate foundation visits to campus
  • Assist with communicating to the foundation regarding a shift in your project or budget

Formal reporting requirements vary with each grant; however, for most foundations, it’s advisable to communicate regularly with foundation staff about your project’s progress and deliverables.  

You can consult your school-based research administrator and the Sponsored Projects team in the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) for assistance with GW’s formal post-award processes, including award set up and financial reporting.