The Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation—Rolling Grants Programs

The Bradley Foundation recognizes that its mission can only be realized through the hard work and dedication of its grant recipients, whether in its home city of Milwaukee or around the country. It is the Foundation’s job to find, assist, and nurture these grant recipients – and at times, get of out their way.

To accomplish this, the Foundation, in line with its mission and guiding principles, focuses to four priority giving areas: 

  • Constitutional Order 
    • The Foundation believes the unique political system envisioned by our country’s founders must be preserved to secure individual freedom and give American citizens room to solve problems effectively on their own. To that end, The Bradley Foundation seeks to uphold the Constitution, and its principles of limited government, federalism, the separation of powers, and individual liberties. 
  • Free Markets 
    • The Bradley brothers owed much of their success to a free enterprise system. The Bradley Foundation works to ensure that this opportunity is available to future generations. We are committed to free markets that allow for private enterprise, entrepreneurship, and free voluntary exchange. 
  • Civil Society 
    • America thrives on the exceptional strength and vitality of its families, schools, churches, neighborhoods, voluntary associations, and arts and cultural institutions, which cultivate personal character, strengthen community bonds, and encourage genuine citizenship. The Bradley Foundation supports these fundamental institutions of civil society in cultivating individuals capable of self-governance. 
  • Informed Citizens 
    • Our liberties are secure and will endure only insofar as Americans value and uphold the principles and institutions of American exceptionalism. The Bradley Foundation supports educational efforts that help cultivate informed and capable citizens. 

To strengthen its grantmaking and enhance its impact, The Bradley Foundation sponsors additional programs to advance ideas, promote grant recipients, connect with conservative intellectuals, and build a robust community of knowledgeable and committed donors and friends. Sponsored programs include the Bradley Prizes, Bradley Fellows Program, Bradley Forums, Encounter Books and the Bradley Impact Fund. 

Dollar Amount: Varies 

Deadline: The Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation accepts Letters of Inquiry and Proposals on an ongoing basis 

Eligibility: Can only support organizations that are exempt from Federal taxation under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and publicly supported under Section 509(a). Cannot provide grants to individuals 

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