The Mercatus Center—COVID-19 Response: A Call for Ideas

The Mercatus Center, building on its COVID-19 policy brief series, welcomes proposals for policy briefs, working papers, and articles that address the next round of challenges facing the United States and other countries in the response to the pandemic.  

The Center seeks clear, original ideas that address the following policy and social questions or take up related issues. 

  • Reopening and Restarting  
  • Institutional Challenges  
  • Health and Science Policy  
  • Economic and Regulatory Policy  
  • Monetary Policy  

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and is supported by foundations (58%), individuals (40%), and businesses (2%) from around the country. The Mercatus Center does not receive financial support from George Mason University or any federal, state, or local government. 

Deadline: Rolling 

Dollar Amount: Honoraria will be paid for successfully published briefs, papers, and articles following customary Mercatus Center practice. Terms will be set after a proposal has been accepted. 

Eligibility: Varies 

Full RFP:  

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