RFP Listings:

CISCO Research Center - Software Defined Networks/ P4

Cisco is seeking research proposals in the area of Software Defined Networking (SDN) that will allow complex networking functionality to be specified using target independent domain specific programming languages. Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable advances in data-plane programming, network-wide policy specification, and compiler technology.

CISCO Research Center - Security Assurance for Agile, Continuous Deployment, and DevOps

Even as Agile evolves to accommodate classical organization requirements and even security verification (e.g., Forrester’s “Agile-scrum-fall”), the need for advanced automated security assurance tools remains.

CISCO Research Center - Robust and Transparent Cryptography

Cryptography is essential for information security, but existing cryptosystems do not always provide us with the protections that we need, and those cryptosystems will need to be adapted to meet emerging challenges. Research is need to drive improvements in several areas: robustness, postquantum security, suitability for the Internet of Things, and transparency to the user regarding the correctness and faithfulness of those systems.

CISCO Research Center—Economic Impact of Cyber-risk

Cisco anticipates that over the next decade, privacy concerns and cyber-risks to data will continue to rise and will drive our industry to take steps to significantly improve the ways we manage confidential, proprietary information (i.e. customer or financial data), intellectual property and PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

CISCO Research Center -Threat Mitigation

This call for research seeks to fund revolutionary approaches to detecting vulnerable devices, remediating identified vulnerabilities, and/or mitigating threats associated with vulnerable components by:

  • Designing intelligent network defenses which dynamically detect and defendor quarantine vulnerable components using technologies such as software defined networking or virtualization
  • Proactively securing vulnerable components with virtual patching or binary rewriting
  • Increasing the complexity and cost of an attacker exploiting a vulnerable component with advancements in Moving Target Defenses (MTD)
  • Devising novel design, development, and deployment methodologies for compartmentalizing vulnerability impact through application sandboxing, containerization, or virtualization

CISCO Research Center —Distributed Storage Systems: Coding, Caching, Data Management, and Hyperscale Data Centers

In this research, we are soliciting proposals to investigate the use of erasure and network coding techniques to make efficient use of data center resources in large scale distributed storage systems. The proposals should look into exploiting resources available in all tiers of the data center hierarchy, namely compute, memory, network and storage to maximize access to storage resources both under normal operation and during data recovery following failures.

CISCO Research Center - Fog Computing, Ecosystem, Architecture and Applications

Proposals that investigate service mobility across Fog platforms are of particular interest. Proposals investigating security and privacy in the context of Fog Computing are encouraged. Cisco is specially interested in investigating Fog advantages for Big Data services in several verticals including IoE.

CISCO Research Center - Named-Data Caching, Routing and Security

Research into named-data networking seeks to solve important problems in host-based networking by allowing data to be accessed independently of a host name, from caches and repositories, with data-based integrity and authenticity, and with improved privacy over the current Internet Protocol model. We are interested in work related to the various named-data approaches including ICN, NDN, CCN and Data-Oriented Networking. Both positive and negative research results in the areas of named-data caching, routing, data security and user privacy are of interest to us.

Emergent Ventures: Fast Grants—Fast Funding for COVID-19 Science

Science funding mechanisms are too slow in normal times and may be much too slow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fast Grants are an effort to correct this. Scientists at an academic institution currently working on a COVID-19 related project and in need of funding, are invited to apply for a Fast Grant. Fast Grants are $10k to $500k and decisions are made in under 14 days. If approved for a grant, payment will be made as quickly as your university can receive it.