Maternal & Infant Health

Maternal & Infant Health • Violence Against Women

RFP Listings:

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—Health Data for Action: (Data Access Award)

December 17, 2020

HD4A aims to reduce the barriers often faced in accessing rich data by serving as a conduit between data owners and interested researchers. Through this HD4A call for proposals (CFP), RWJF will make valuable data from unique data owners available to researchers. 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—Integrating Tradition and Technology for Fermented Foods for Maternal Nutrition

January 06, 2021

COVID-19, with disruption of supply chains and a predilection for individuals with metabolic diseases, has served to increase the urgency for identifying locally-sourceable health-promoting maternal nutrition solutions that treat undernutrition without increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Ironically, it may be that these new solutions already exist in the form of ancient traditions reevaluated and revalued through a next-generation and evidence-based lens. 

Merck Investigator Studies Program (MISP): Fertility

The following areas are of interest to Investigator Studies Program Committee: