All RFPs in Medical Research

Spencer Foundation—2023 Small Research Grants on Education

December 05, 2022

The Small Research Grants Program supports education research projects that will contribute to the improvement of education, broadly conceived, with budgets up to $50,000 for projects ranging from one to five years. We accept applications three times per year. 

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation—2023 Young Investigator Grant

December 12, 2022

The Young Investigator grant is a three-year award designed to support early career researchers, such as postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows or instructors, pursuing promising childhood cancer research ideas. These grants aim to cultivate the best and brightest researchers of the future who demonstrate a commitment to a research career in pediatric cancer. A mentor is required, and a career development plan must be included. The Young Investigator grant offers up to $50,000 in direct costs per year for three years. 

Spencer Foundation—2023 Large Research Grants on Education

January 12, 2023

The Large Research Grants on Education Program supports education research projects that will contribute to the improvement of education, broadly conceived, with budgets ranging from $125,000 to $500,000 for projects ranging from one to five years. We anticipate awarding grants with budgets across each of the following funding tiers -- $125,000 to 250,000; $250,001 to $375,000; and $375,001 to $500,000. Within each of our funding tiers, we evaluate projects within tier and strongly encourage applicants to submit for funding that best fits their project rather than applying for the highest amount. We accept Intent to Apply forms twice a year. 

Pfizer—2023 Call for Independent Quality Improvement Grant Applications Oncology - Prostate Cancer

January 13, 2023

Astellas and Pfizer (collectively, the Companies) are committed to supporting high quality, evidence-based Quality Improvement Grants (QI) that seek to improve the overall safety and quality of patient care and treatment for patients with Prostate Cancer (PC).  

Simons Foundation—2023 New Neuroscience Collaborations

March 08, 2023

We now seek vision statements to identify new, emerging breakthrough areas of neuroscience that are poised for high-impact funding by the Simons Foundation. We are interested in bold and cutting edge, idea-generating research that focuses on basic principles of brain function and may be overlooked or too risky for other funding organizations. 

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.—Educational Grants

Johnson & Johnson Vision is committed to supporting education and activities that further the advancement of the profession and patient care. Find out if one if these opportunities is right for you.

  • Fellowship & Scholarship Grants: J&J is dedicated to providing educational opportunities and support for activities that are intended to improve patient care.
  • Educational Grants: Do you believe that education is important to your success? Interested in funding for continuing education? Visit J&J's Educational Grants section to learn more.
  • Investigator-Initiated Studies: J&J is always looking for ways to support independent individuals with their research. J&J is currently ONLY accepting applications for Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision (IOLs, refractive surgery, ocular surface disease, etc.). No Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (contact lenses, contact lens care products, and eye drops) applications are being accepted at this time.

Lilly Grant Office—Healthcare professional education/Patient advocacy and Consumer education programs

As a commitment to improving patient care and providing valuable information to the medical and  broader healthcare community, Lilly will accept the following grant requests:

  • Healthcare professional education (priority will be given to accredited programs)
  • Patient advocacy and Consumer education programs (e.g., disease-state education and awareness, screenings, etc.)

Funding may also be requested in the form of support for select scientific fellowships or charitable contributions.

The focus of the Lilly Grant Office (LGO) will be on healthcare-related CME/CE programs as well as patient education and advocacy in the following therapeutic areas:

  • Autoimmune
  • Endocrine
  • Neurodegeneration
  • Neuroscience - Migraine and Headache Disorders
  • Oncology

Medtronic/Medtronic Foundation—Medtronic Grants and Donations

Medtronic recognizes that they cannot fulfill their Mission alone. In order to “alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life,” Medtronic must support the many stakeholders in healthcare, including providers, medical societies, and patient groups. Part of Medtronic's role is to provide financial assistance for independent medical conferences, charitable events, medical education and public education programs.

Sanofi—Sanofi US Educational Grants

Sanofi US is committed to funding high quality educational activities and materials in the therapeutic areas of interest to the company that have the potential to improve patient care and health outcomes. The purpose of an educational grant is to support an activity that encourages an educational interchange with respect to available scientific and medical information. Educational activities may or may not be accredited.

Gilead—Patient Community Support & Medical/Scientific Support

Gilead welcomes funding requests for innovative, high-impact projects that relate to at least one of five core therapeutic areas:

Biogen—Grants Management & Strategic Giving

Biogen’s global grants and giving strategy aims to catalyze scientific innovation, address unmet patient needs, and advance medical and disease education through funding a variety of pro

Eli Lilly—Investigator-Initiated Research

In addition to sponsoring its own research and research collaborations, Lilly has programs for considering external requests for Lilly provision of study drug and/or financial support for Investiga

Eli Lilly—healthcare professional education, patient advocacy and consumer education programs

Lilly provides grants and charitable contributions for healthcare professional education, patient advocacy and consumer education programs in a variety of therapeutic areas through the Lilly Grant Office. Our commitment is to make grant funding available for independent, fair and balanced, scientifically accurate initiatives that receive no influence from our organization in either submission, design, or implementation. Regardless of whether CME or CE credits are offered for healthcare professional participation, Lilly expects that the same high standards apply for all independent educational activities for healthcare professionals.

Bristol Myers Squibb—Independent Medical Education

For Bristol Myers Squibb to be seen as a worldwide leader in supporting innovative, high quality medical education that closes gaps in HCP knowledge, strengthens their professional competence, and

Genentech—Scientific Project Support

Scientific Project Support provides funding for general research, translational research, other research or development projects, and/or other initiatives of research organizations, labs, and acade

Genentech—Independent Medical Education

Grants for IME for the following disease states: Disease States: Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Age-related Macular Degeneration, ALK-Positive Non-small cell lung cancer, basal cell carcinoma, bladder can

Boston Scientific—Investigator-Sponsored Research

Boston Scientific provides support for research that advances medical and scientific knowledge about our products and that generates medical interventions.

Merck Investigator Studies Program (MISP): Fertility

The following areas are of interest to Investigator Studies Program Committee:  

Pfizer—COVID-19 Vaccine Grants

As a leader in the development of vaccines, Pfizer is proud to support independent efforts in areas of research, education and quality improvement with a primary goal of optimizing the prevention of COVID-19. Given the urgency and complexity of efforts required to respond to the global pandemic, Pfizer is launching thier COVID-19 vaccine grant program in phases.