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RFP Listings:

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Foundation—COVID-19 Research Grant

June 01, 2020

The purpose of this award is to support emergency care research related to COVID-19, which may include diagnostics, safety, therapeutics, disaster preparedness, or other relevant topic areas. The focus is on self-limited research projects that are impactful in the current or future practice of emergency medicine and can be completed in a one-year time frame. The goals of the grant align with mission of the SAEMF to improve emergency patient care through supporting the development of innovative researchers, expert educators and future academic emergency medicine leaders. 

Emergency Medicine Foundation—COVID-19 Research Grant

June 05, 2020

The goals of the Emergency Medicine Foundation COVID-19 Grant are to conduct research that will provide high-impact new knowledge to advance emergency patient care, improve response of hospitals/healthcare and EMS systems, and protect emergency medicine healthcare professionals during pandemics. 

Pfizer—Providing Enhanced Medical Support for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Disorders

June 08, 2020

Through this RFP it is our intent to support patient-focused programs that help patients and providers address the heightened medical and educational needs of patients with PI during this pandemic. 

Society of Family Planning Research Fund—Contraceptive Service Delivery: Capturing Innovations Responsive to COVID-19

June 09, 2020

In an effort to spur research focused on the shifts in contraceptive service delivery associated with COVID-19, the Society of Family Planning Research Fund (SFPRF) is offering the Contraceptive service delivery: Capturing innovations responsive to COVID-19 request for proposals (RFP). 

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—Emergency Response for the Health Care System: Innovation Challenge

June 12, 2020

During a large-scale health crisis, the health care system (including but not limited to providers, government, and public health and community organizations) is faced with a sudden increase in patients who need help. Digital tools can assist the health care community as it adapts to quickly changing circumstances and needs by addressing multiple categories: 

Intuitive Foundation—Training and Education Research Grants for Robotic-assisted Surgery in 2021

June 12, 2020

The purpose of these grants is to support training and education research in the field of surgery and robotic-assisted surgery.  

Microsoft—AI for Health COVID-19 Grant

June 15, 2020

Given the urgency, Microsoft is mobilizing their AI for Health initiative to focus on helping those on the front lines of research of COVID-19. They’re focusing efforts in five specific areas where they think data, analysis and the skills of thier data scientists can have the biggest impact. And they’re immediately dedicating $20 million to this specific effort.  

Aspen Rhoads Research Foundation—Annual Research Grants

June 17, 2020

ASPEN is accepting applications to its annual Rhoads Research Foundation Grants program.

MIT Solve—Global Challenges, including Health Security & Pandemics

June 18, 2020

MIT Solve, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a mission to solve world challenges, announced a prize pool of over $1.5 million for its next class of Solver teams. 

National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation—Healthcare Research Grants

June 29, 2020

Grant funding is to support innovative health services research that will advance the existing knowledge base in the areas of health care financing, delivery, management and/or policy.