Terra Foundation—Exhibition Grants

August 02, 2021

Recognizing the importance of experiencing original works of art firsthand, the Terra Foundation supports exhibitions that increase the understanding and appreciation of historical American art (circa 1500–1980). The foundation has a particular interest in exhibitions that travel outside the United States or to Chicago. 

For exhibitions that travel outside the United States, the Foundation encourages: 

  • A focused thesis that makes a significant contribution to scholarship on historical American art 
  • International curatorial involvement 
  • Inclusion of international catalogue essayists 
  • A presentation that is meaningful to international audiences 

Visual arts that are eligible for Terra Foundation Exhibition Grants include painting; sculpture; works on paper (prints, drawings, watercolors, photographs); decorative arts (typically handmade functional objects of high aesthetic quality); design (objects of high aesthetic quality; excludes industrial design); performance art; video art; and conceptual art. Excluded are architecture and commercial film/animation. 

Deadline: August 2, 2021 (LOI) 

Dollar Amount: Varies 


Eligible American institutions are those that are organizing: 

  1. Exhibitions on any aspect of historical American art that travel internationally. 
  2. At least one international venue must be secured before a letter of inquiry is submitted. 
  3. Any grant award would be made to the American organizer, but it must offset costs incurred by both the organizer and any international venue[s]. These do not have to be shared costs, but frequently are. 
  4. Exhibitions on any aspect of historical American art that are co-organized with an international venue.  

Co-organizers must apply jointly. When possible, the Terra Foundation prefers to only fund shared costs for co-organizing venues. 

Full RFP: https://www.terraamericanart.org/what-we-offer/grant-fellowship-opportunities/exhibition-grants/ 

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