Truist Foundation—Leadership Development, Economic Mobility, Thriving Communities and Educational Equity Grants

The Truist Foundation supports their communities by investing in innovative nonprofits that align with their four key areas of focus: leadership development, economic mobility, thriving communities and educational equity. 

The Foundation supports one-time needs that are sustainable and don’t commit funds to recurring expenditures. Examples include funding for a new program launch, a curriculum to expand or strengthen a program, equipment to deliver a program and capital needs. Capital campaign requests may be considered (1) if the purpose of the campaign aligns with the Foundation's priorities and (2) when the campaign is 60% complete toward its fundraising goal (including pledges), showing the campaign’s viability and community support. 

The Truist Foundation focuses on four key areas, shown below: 

  1.  Leadership development—The Foundation seeks to invest in mentorship, growth opportunities and development programs to build servant leaders who create positive change. 
    • Focus areas: 
      • Nonprofit leadership development 
      • Educator professional development 
      • Innovative technology 
  2. Economic mobility—The Foundation seeks to provide a foundation for people to gain upward economic mobility and access to quality jobs that provide living wages. Unite individuals and community leaders to break the cycle of poverty and create a growth economy. 
    • Focus areas: 
      • Financial education 
      • Financial counseling 
      • Entrepreneurship 
      • Workforce development 
      • Student financial management 
  3. Thriving communities—The Foundation seeks to invest in bold solutions that provide access to the resources everyone needs to thrive. Transform underserved neighborhoods into resilient ones. 
    • Focus areas: 
      • Housing 
      • Economic development 
      • Program-related investments 
      • Community revitalization 
      • Comprehensive city investments 
  4. Educational equity—The Foundations seeks to remove obstacles to affordable secondary and postsecondary education. Develop and support lifelong learning platforms to reduce literacy gaps and poverty. 
    • Focus areas: 
      • Early learning 
      • College preparedness 
      • Educational access 

Deadline: The Foundation has three annual grant cycles. The deadlines are: 

  • March 31 
  • July 31 
  • November 30 

Dollar Amount: Varies 

Eligibility: Varies 

Full RFP: 

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