William T. Grant Foundation—Research Grants on Reducing Inequality

August 04, 2021

he Foundation’s mission is to support research to improve the lives of young people ages 5-25 in the United States. One way that the Foundation pursues this mission is by investing in high-quality field-initiated studies on reducing inequality in youth outcomes. 

The Foundation’s focus on reducing inequality grew out of their view that research can do more than help us understand the problem of inequality—it can generate effective responses. The Foundation believes that it is time to build stronger bodies of knowledge on how to reduce inequality in the United States and to move beyond the mounting research evidence about the scope, causes, and consequences of inequality. 

Toward this end, the Foundation seeks studies that aim to build, test, or increase understanding of programs, policies, or practices to reduce inequality in the academic, social, behavioral, or economic outcomes of young people. The Foundation prioritizes studies about reducing inequality on the basis of race, ethnicity, economic standing, language minority status, or immigrant origins. 

The Foundation welcomes descriptive studies that clarify mechanisms for reducing inequality or elucidate how or why a specific program, policy, or practice operates to reduce inequality. They also welcome intervention studies that examine attempts to reduce inequality. In addition, they seek studies that improve the measurement of inequality in ways that can enhance the work of researchers, practitioners, or policymakers. The common thread across all of this work, however, is a distinct and explicit focus on reducing inequality—one that goes beyond describing the causes or consequences of unequal outcomes and, instead, identifies leverage points for reducing inequality. 

2021 LOI Deadlines:  

  • January 13, 2021, 3PM EST 
  • May 5, 2021, 3PM EST* 
  • August 4, 2021, 3PM EST 

* Letters of inquiry for Officers’ research grants are not accepted in May. 

Dollar Amount: Major research grants on reducing inequality typically range between $100,000 and $600,000 and cover two to three years of support. Officers’ research grants on reducing inequality are a separate funding mechanism for smaller projects with budgets ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. 

Eligibility: N/A 

Full RFP: http://wtgrantfoundation.org/grants/research-grants-reducing-inequality 

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