Find Corporate Research Funding

Companies support academic research that aligns with their R&D objectives or philanthropic priorities. You can begin exploring corporate research grant opportunities by reviewing the corporate grants in GW’s Funding Opportunities Database. If there are no Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that match your area of work, you may also visit prospective corporate funders’ websites to see if the company funds research in your topic area and accepts proposals.

Questions to consider when identifying a potential funder include:

  • Who are industry leaders in this area?
  • Can a company find business value in my research project?
  • Do I have any corporate connections?
  • Who in my network might have connections  to corporate representatives?

The corporate relations staff can help you identify companies that may be a good match for your research project, as well as work with you to develop an outreach strategy and a plan for solicitation, if you haven’t yet identified a specific RFP.  Find the corporate relations officer for your school for more assistance.