Limited Submission Opportunities (LSOs)

Limited submission opportunities (LSOs) are grant opportunities for which GW can only put forward a limited number of proposals (usually a single application is allowed). The CFR Office partners with the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) to administer the LSO process for foundation and corporate funders. A university committee selects the most competitive proposal(s) to submit to the funder.

You can view a current list of LSOs in the GW Funding Opportunities database.

To submit a proposal for an LSO at GW, please:

  1. Identify the LSO competition you’re applying for through the GW Funding Opportunities database or OVPR’s website and learn as much as you can about selection criteria for grant awards.
  2. Develop and upload all required documents to GW’s InfoReady system.
  3. After the selection committee makes a decision about which proposal(s) will be advanced on behalf of GW, the CFR Office will notify you, and provide assistance with your final LOI and/or full proposal to the foundation or corporation, if your application has been selected.