Working with Corporations

Support from companies takes a variety of forms and is quite different from funding provided by foundations or federal funding agencies. Companies engage in partnerships with academic institutions that advance their business goals, whether in the area of employee recruitment and training, research and development, philanthropy or brand awareness.

Corporate relations staff members are available to help with:

  • Identifying potential corporate partners for your project
  • Providing context on GW’s relationship and history with a particular corporation
  • Planning a corporate outreach strategy and arranging meetings and visits to campus for corporate representatives
  • Offering resources on soliciting sponsorships and charitable gifts
  • Preparing proposals that will resonate with corporate funders

Centrally-Managed Corporations

Corporations often prefer to have holistic partnerships with universities, and GW has many such relationships with companies across the country. Before contacting a corporation, please review the Centrally-Managed Funders List to see if your corporate prospect is on the list. This does not preclude you from seeking project funding from this particular corporation; it will just need to be a consideration in your funding strategy.

Review Centrally Managed Corporations

Please contact Joe Matope, Director, Corporate Relations for more information at [email protected] or 202-994-2270, and review the resources on this page for applying for and stewarding corporate funding.