Cisco Research and Open Innovation - Career/ Life Paths of Women in Engineering

GW Priority Corporation

September 28, 2022

Career/ Life Paths of Women in Engineering, Computer Science, and Data Science/ Applied Mathematics

We are at a point now in which the first large population of women receiving engineering, computer science, and applied mathematics degrees has had enough time to experience many of the elements we discuss when studying gender-based mid-career transitions in the workforce. We are also at a point in which the children of those women are filling (or exiting) the early-in-career pipeline for women in engineering.

Cisco would like to sponsor a comprehensive survey of women with engineering, computer science, and applied mathematics degrees, and a thorough mapping of their career choices and factors throughout the time during and following their engineering degree programs. The goal of this survey is not to prove or disprove any hypotheses, but rather to gather a complete (fully representative) and objective data set from which to gather insights.

Tags:    Arts, Culture, and Humanities, Women in STEM, Big Data, Gender

Deadline: Rolling

Dollar Amount: Varies

Eligibility: In this RFP, we are seeking research specifically in the area of career & life flow of women in engineering, computer science, and data science/applied mathematics roles. We believe that a career flow mapping; with appropriate stratification of role types, levels, tenures, and including work and home factors; would be a valuable data source, and could be paired with other, more specific studies in order to offer valuable insights to contribute to the overall body of knowledge about women in the technology workforce.

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