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Arnold Ventures—2023 Randomized Controlled Trials of Criminal Justice Programs and Practices

Arnold Ventures (AV) is a nonpartisan philanthropy whose core mission is to invest in evidence-based solutions that maximize opportunity and minimize injustice.

Arnold Ventures—2023 Randomized Controlled Trials to Evaluate Social Programs Whose Delivery Will be Funded by Government or Other Entities

Arnold Ventures’ (AV) Evidence-Based Policy team invites grant applications to conduct randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of social programs.

Arnold Ventures—2023 Rigorous Impact Evaluations of Student Success Programs and Practices in Higher Education

This Request for Proposals seeks grant applications to conduct rigorous impact evaluations of programs to promote college success in the United States.

Searle Freedom Trust—Grants

The Searle Freedom Trust is primarily interested in supporting domestic public policy research. Recognizing that good...