Merck Investigator Studies Program (MISP): Fertility

The following areas are of interest to Investigator Studies Program Committee:  

  • Protocols that investigate the pharmacodynamics of flexible start of corifollitropin alfa followed by flexible dose rFSH stimulation, including modifications of corifollitropin alfa stimulation protocols to avoid late follicular progesterone rise. 
  • Studies investigating modifications of corifollitropin alfa stimulation protocols to the freeze-all setting aimed at optimizing ART cycle outcomes, time to pregnancy, flexibility and cost-efficiency. 
  • Studies investigating optimizing corifollitropin alfa use in patients with a poor oocyte yield prognosis. 
  • Studies that use innovative technology and algorithms to enhance embryo selection with CFA vs. conventional gonadotropins. 
  • Studies that evaluate further optimization of post CFA FSH regimen and determine the parameters to support optimization (e.g. # follicles, age, endocrine environment)

Deadline: Rolling deadline

Dollar Amount: Varies

Eligibility: Investigators at all career levels are eligible to apply

Full RFP:

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